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Buy CVSNT Versioning Solutions (CVS Suite)
Buy Uniface Versioning Solutions
Uniface Java Integration
CVS Pro Partner Programme
Unsupported Community Software (retired)
From here you can select any of our software products to purchase. All of our software is delivered by download from the customer area.

This store accepts the following cards:

Tax and VAT.
This store will not charge VAT (Tax) if your shipping address is outside of the European Union (eg: USA, Japan) or if you are located within the European Union but outside of the United Kindgom and you supply a valid VAT registration number (eg: The Netherlands, Germany). If your order shows VAT (Tax) and it shouldn't then you are probably not logged in - the VAT (Tax) will be removed before you conclude your purchase and the final Order Confirmation screen will display the correct amount (without VAT / Tax). The VAT (Tax) charged is not affected by the chosen currency, if your shipping address is in the USA or Canada then you will not be charged VAT (Tax) regardless of which currency you select.

Visa Purchasing Card.
The Visa Purchasing Card is not a normal Visa card and has numbers that begin with 4484, 4485, 4486 or 4715.  If your business is using a Visa Purchasing card our payment provider treat Visa Purchasing payments as if they were made with a Visa credit card. Our payment provider does not support the 'line item detail' features offered by Visa Purchasing cards, and the currency selected in the order must be British Pounds Sterling.

American Express Cards.
If you wish to pay by American express then you can download Australian Order Form, or European Order Form or the North American Order Form and fax the payment details to us. By fax we accept the following cards:
Visa payments supported by Fax Mastercard payments supported by Fax American Express payments supported by Fax

Tax documentation for USA - W9 forms or W8 forms
If you require IRS documentation (W9 or W8) then please contact our New York office (800-653-1501) and purchase directly from them using your credit card. Orders placed using this web site are not eligible for IRS documentation. We will have a web site specifically for North American credit card orders available soon.

Purchase Versioning Solutions.

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Buy CVSNT Versioning Solutions (CVS Suite)
CVS Suite: CVSNT Software, Support and Training. Detailed inforation on this product is available:
  » About CVS Professional Support and CVSNT
  » About CVS Suite
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Buy Uniface Versioning Solutions
Uniface Version Control Solutions. Detailed inforation on this product is available:
  » About Uniface Version Control
Uniface Java Integration
Uniface Java Integration
CVS Pro Partner Programme
For partners who are integrating change control into their commercial applications.
Unsupported Community Software (retired)
This older retired software is not recommended. Please choose CVSNT 2.8 exclusively in CVS Suite 2009.  The following retired 2.5 software is 100% free software, with no support, no warranty. In accordance with the Free Software Foundation's advice we charge a distribution fee: